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Nathan Drake is a Dreamboat…oh, I mean, is the Penguin.

by on August 5, 2011


I love me some Nathan Drake. Let’s not even pretend like my crush on this fictional video game character is not a little alarming. But even though my love for Drake is endless, that doesn’t mean I want to hear his voice in every other video game I play. I thought, we as gamers, had made that point very clear after Nolan North (the man with the golden voice) starting lending his voice-acting talent to just about every game that came his way.

I know a man must eat, but damn, why does every character have to sound like Nathan Drake? Change it up a bit, k? Here’s hoping that they add a little bit of voice-changing effects to Nolan North’s newest character, the Penguin in the upcoming, sure to be a hit, Batman: Arkham City so that we don’t get just another character who sounds like Nathan Drake.


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