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Mojang Being Sued By Bethesda

by on August 5, 2011

Word on the internet is that Notch received a fifteen page letter today from a Swedish Law Firm telling him to stop using the name “Scrolls” (the TCG game being created by Mojang and Penny Arcade), that they would sue Mojang, and of course they wanted a pile of money.

Previous to this Bethesda’s lawyers had contacted Mojang about the Scrolls TCG game and wanted to know more about the trademark Mojang had applied for. Bethesda claimed that the title “Scrolls” was a trademark of Bethesda because of their popular series “The Elder Scrolls“. Notch stated that Mojang had done research on whether or not someone had taken the title “Scrolls” and said this about owning the right to individual words:

The implication that you could own the right to all individual words within a trademark is also a bit scary.

Following this first contact Mojang sent a compromise to Bethesda stating they would not put any words before “Scrolls” and instead for sequels use something to the effect of, and I quote, “Scrolls – The Banana Expansion”.

Notch still loves Bethesda as can be seen in this tweet.

Hopefully Bethesda and Mojang can come to an agreement without anything going downhill.


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