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King’s Bounty: Legions Key Giveaway

GotGame Exclusive Giveaway! There’s a new army building, demon destroying, swords and sorcery title coming first to Facebook, and eventually to  iOS and Android smart phones called King’s Bounty: Legions, and hey, it’s free to play. With unique player customization (connect and play with your friends through your contacts) and amazing looking graphics (not that 2D Zynga bullshit), this game looks to be a perfect time killer, especially since Diablo 3 is still somewhere off in the distance. GotGame is giving away some exclusive keys to those of you who want to get this game first.

To get a free key head to our Facebook page and Like us. The contest starts tomorrow!

King’s Bounty: Legions combines the classic, quest-fulfilling game play with new PvP battles and an asynchronous feature that lets users send their army into battle even when they are away,” said David D Christensen, general manager for Nival’s North American operations and executive producer ofKing’s Bounty: Legions. “While we look forward to King’s Bounty fans settling long-standing debates about who amongst them is the greatest leader, we are confident the various types of game play will allow a wide audience to enjoy King’s Bounty: Legions.”

Classes include the following:

  • Archer – This range class offers players the chance to deal damage while keeping a safe distance from the fray.
  • Defender – The best offense is a good defense, as demonstrated with their ability to withstand heavy attacks from enemies.
  • Mage – Unleash magical powers to conquer foes from afar with these masters of the mystic arts.
  • Support – Everybody needs somebody to watch their back and this class is the go-to back-up in battle.
  • Warrior – Whether it’s swinging a big sword, showing off some big fangs or just being a frontline trooper, this class will get up close and personal with foes.

King’s Bounty: Legions will be a cross-platform title, appearing initially on Facebook, and later on iOS and Android platforms for mobile and tablet devices. The game is being developed on the Unity 3D engine, allowing for the popular King’s Bounty art style to help raise the visual quality expectations of browser-based, social games.

Players play King’s Bounty: Legions for free and may choose to purchase in-game items. Nival plans to support King’s Bounty: Legions with regular game maintenance and updates, featuring new fighting units, maps, quests, social elements and game play mechanics.



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