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Things We Can Do Without in Gaming

Not exactly the best movie tie-in I've ever seen...

Welcome to the debut of Digital Uppercuts; where I’ll discuss everything and anything game-related that comes to mind.  In this particular article, I look into a handful of things I could really do without in gaming.

If you’re reading this, then gaming is a part of your life.  The love for video games and the industry as a whole grows even as I get older and it’s certainly the same for many of you.

Still, while there’s plenty to love about gaming, and really what’s NOT to love, there’s things, situations, or  trends that creep themselves in, either quietly or sometimes blatantly that leave a bad taste in many a gamer’s mouths.

With that in mind, here’s a short list of things I and sure you, can do without in gaming.

In no particular order:

The No-Erase Save System for Select 3DS Games – Capcom was under fire from gamers everywhere with the release of Resident Evil: Mercenaries 3D after it adopted undeletable save files.  Gamers were literally unable to erase their save files and while this may be good for high scores, it absolutely blows when you either want to sell the game, trade it or just give it away.  Now Namco has done the same thing with the upcoming Pac-Man & Galaga Dimensions!  Are publishers that concerned with second hand sales or is there something else they’re not telling us?  Either way, it’s absurd.

Games that Need Internet Connection at all Times – It’s pretty annoying when a video game requires you to be online to play; even in single-player.  What if you want to play it on your laptop when you’re on the go (for PC titles), or perhaps there’s no easy way to get an internet connection in the room where a particular console is located?  Most of the time, games that have this requirement don’t really need the internet for gameplay but more so for DRM.  Whatever!

DLC that is Already in the Disk – Nothing quite like feeling jipped when a publisher releases “new” downloadable content that is in fact already on the game’s disk.  You know the deal…you pay for DLC and it downloads in less than 2 seconds.  Turns out the content was already on the disk, but you’re simply paying for unlocking it.  Talk about sticking it to the consumer, am I right?  It’s one thing when a publisher/developer puts in the work to create new content such as a new game mode or expansion to the storyline but when gamers are paying just to unlock new costumes or items that were technically already included in the first place, it just feels wrong.

Movie Tie-In Games – Enough already!  More often than not, games that are based off an upcoming movie, or recently released movie typically suck.  It’s one thing to make a game based only slightly off a movie, where the developer has the creative freedom to use an alternate storyline but when it’s literally based off the movie, it’s just not going to be good. There are some exceptions surely, but usually a developer is hit with a very strict deadline that usually results in poor design choices or cutbacks just to deliver the game on time.  It’s even worse when the game’s script is EXACTLY the same as the movie.  If you see the movie, then go play the game, it’s like you’re watching the movie again…blah!

Honorable Mention:

–          Tacked on motion controls for games that really don’t need them.

–          Lackadaisical ports

–          Forced multiplayer modes in games that don’t fit the bill

–          Mini-game games

Now let’s hear some of the things you’d wish were banished from gaming!


  • unlimitedlives August 8, 2011 at 10:38 AM

    I really hate how some companies think it’s okay to charge for DLC that’s already on disk. Shouldn’t the player be able to unlock that content by doing something worth the effort in-game?

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