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Halo Anniversary May Bring Halo 4 Beta

by on August 1, 2011

343 Industries cannot make it through their Halo Anniversary without rumors or speculation. All Halo Anniversary wants is a little attention, but a picture has turned up that suggests 343 Industries may be taking part in some extracurricular gaming on the side, and gamers may be able to join in with them soon.

Nothing suspicious here, out in plain sight.

The picture of the Halo Anniversary menu screen reveals an “Extras” option, which many believe to hold access to the Halo 4 beta. Couple this with the announcement of a “surprise” at Halofest and 343 Industries is not doing a great job of covering their tracks. Coming home with plasma on their shirt collar is not going to make Halo Anniversary happy, but putting the Halo 4 beta in the game may be a great marketing ploy. We’ll see what develops as we approach Halofest and PAX.


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