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access_time August 1, 2011 at 2:52 PM in Culture by Lukas Jaro

Chinese couple sells kids to play online


We all love videogames and many of us love to play also online, for example MMO’s which have become pretty popular in the last couple of years. What if it goes too far though? What’s appropriate and what isn’t? And when do we get addicted?

It seems that in today’s world there are no boundaries, nor any lengths, regarding to what extent one may go. Every now and then we hear a story about some kind of attack, theft or injury involving online MMO’s one way or another. Especially from the Asian market, where these types of games have grown exponentially and are played literally by millions.

The most recent case resolves around a young Chinese couple that has sold all three of their kids in exchange for money to play online games at cafes.

In 2007 they welcomed their first child, a boy, only to leave him home alone while they went to an internet cafe 30 km away.

Two years later, in 2009, Li Lin and Li Juan welcomed their second child – a girl. They decided to sell her, receiving only around RMB 3000 (eta $500), to fund their addiction. When they saw this worked out pretty well, they sold their first child as well – this time for even more (roughly RMB 30.000 – almost $5000).

With their third child the situation was no different. It was sold for a RBM 30.000 price tag as well.

Li Lin’s mother thankfully found out about everything and the couple has been turned into authorities. What sentece or fine will they receive, if any, is yet to be decided.

If this was Mortal Kombat and not real life, the announcer would probably shout ‘Babality!’…

Hopefully the children are doing fine and are in good hands. As for the parents… “Finish them!”.

I can’t imagine anything like this happening to any of my friends, let alone myself. Crazy world we live in!



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