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access_time July 30, 2011 at 3:43 PM in Features by m_olmos

Duke Nukem Forever Gets Fixed

Who still cares about Duke Nukem Forever? Apparently if you still play this…thing…for some reason, you’ll be rewarded for your cockroach-like tenacity by having the number of weapon slots available upped from two to a whopping four. That’s twice the uselessness against bosses!

Now the bad news/caveat – this upgrade will only be implemented on the PC. Apparently, the patch is just too damn engineered for the console versions. The official explanation from developers at Gearbox is that the change

“…Involves overcoming several significant technical challenges and assumptions within the software that cannot be quickly overcome on consoles without risk to the performance, stability or integrity of the software. As such, it’s unlikely that the expanded inventory can be enabled on consoles at this time.”

So basically, you’d need to homebrew a disc of the new version to play it on your PS3 or Xbox. Smart. But rest assured that the consoles won’t be left in the dust, for Gearbox will be hard at work improving the single-player mode to make it more optimized for both Xbox and PS3. No news on what the updates are or when the patches can be expected, but at least it’s something for non-PC gamers.



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