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access_time July 26, 2011 at 11:41 AM in Culture by m_olmos

Microsoft Unveils New Xbox Peripherals

Shiny new toys

Oh Microsoft (is it wrong that the desire is to spell it Micro$oft?), why do you blow so hard at making hardware? Red rings aside, the remotes and headsets for the Xbox 360, for lack of a better term, eat shit. But no more, for sturdier and more useful version are on the way. It only took six years – a new record.

This November, for a mere $60, the headset will drop with added support for Bluetooth. Considering the new headset looks even more like a Jawbone than before the temptation to hook it up to a phone will be greater. Only now that will actually work, even if it makes you look like a bit of a tool. Be warned that the audio will still utilize radio frequencies already implemented in the Xbox, so the sound might still be less than stellar. Is it really that hard to just limit your frequency bandwidth and add a bit of post-transmission compression? Oh wait…

For an additional $20, the new Media Remote can be yours with an added glossy finish. The major changes here include an excised Media Center button, but an added support for Live TV controls should your cable service offer it. Whatever the hell that means. It’s still unclear, and Microsoft isn’t giving out much information beyond that.

New drinking game: take a shot every time you see a person walking down the street using their new Xbox headset as a Bluetooth device for their smartphone.



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