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Dead Cyborg Released, Available for Free

by on July 26, 2011

Dead Cyborg

Independent game designer Endre Barath has unleashed Dead Cyborg, his text adventure/first person crawler. Touting visuals more impressive than expected and an awesome name, the game will also be as expensive as you think it should be.

Barath is offering Dead Cyborg as a free download, allowing players to pay what they think is fair for the game after downloading it. The pay-what-you-want style of sales has been around for some time now (Bandcamp, for instance), and utilizing it here is a clever move on Barath;s part. With a total gameplay time of about two and a half hours, Cyborg is probably worth at least $5 from your coffers. Plus, he made the game on his own with no real support, so Endre deserves some money for the end result’s pure visual aspect.

Intrigued? Well, the PC only game can be acquired here. Now, what’s it worth to you?


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