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Twisted Metal, Now With More Blood

by on July 25, 2011

Twisted Metal

Twisted Metal for the PS3 is officially going full gore. Now eschewing the previous T-rated installments, the latest game in the series was said by developer David Jaffe to be,

“[…] A little weird […] without the blood.”

Now, considering he went on to snipe an opponent, triggering a massive burst of blood from the ex-skull, it seems that the M-rating was earned the old fashioned way.

Back in 2010 during the start of the build-up for Twisted Metal, Jaffe had said that the game would blend the colorful approach seen in Twisted Metal 2 with the darkly hued chemical imbalance of Black. Aiming for something friendly towards the TV-14 side, Eat Sleep Play all but gave up and went gung-ho.

“There’s the 8 o’clock CBS serial killer, and then there’s the HBO serial killer. We’re doing the 8 o’clock CBS serial killer,”

is how Jaffe described the game a year ago. Now it seems that they are transcending even the HBO trope and going for the Edgar Wright school of killing – a bloody good time.

Twisted Metal will be ripping heads off and breaking bones with awesome cars this October (the 4th, to be exact). Prepare thyself for a spectacle.


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