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Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3 Confirmed with Leaked Character Info

It should come to no one’s surprise that Capcom is doing it, yet again…… re-releasing a ‘super’ edition of their recently released fighting game. Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 is their latest re-release that will be coming with new balance tweaks, new stages, online spectator mode, some new characters and a returning one that will surely please some MvC players.

The first four characters that were revealed at comic-con were: Firebrand, Ghost Rider, Hawkeye and my personal favorite, Strider Hiryu. The remaining characters were supposedly leaked by a person who found a way to look at the character art of the game on Capcom’s server.  The first three characters revealed were Frank West (Dead Rising), Phoenix Wright, and Dr.Strange.

After the process was revealed, the internet’s gaming community, NeoGAF, took charge at taking a crack at it to finally reveal remaining character art for Nova, Rocket Raccoon and Iron Fist. On the Capcom’s side were Nemesis (Resident Evil) and Dante’s Brother Vergil (Devil May Cry).  Having the full Resident Evil team (Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine (DLC), Wesker,  and Nemesis. Sadly no Barry or Rebecca Chambers,in the game is hyping me up right now.


Speaking of Resident Evil, Jill Valentine and Shuma-Gorath, the First DLC for the game will also be included in the Ultimate Version. So if you missed out on the DLC, maybe you should wait till this game comes out.


After a short amount of time, Capcom released this statement to the public that addresses the leak;

    “Today we announced Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 for PS3 and X360 as well as the first four characters and a playable build for this week’s San Diego Comic-Con. As part of that, you may have seen some of our new characters for the game pop up on the Internet a bit earlier than anticipated. We are very happy with the positive response to the lineup, but at this point we’re only going to focus on the four characters (Strider, Firebrand, Ghost Rider, Hawkeye) we have officially revealed. As for the other eight additional characters, we will have a ton of info, videos, screens and playable code in the coming months. Stay tuned!”

I’m sort of relieved…. I sold my copy of Marvel vs Capcom 3 not to long ago and remember telling my friend that I’m sure there will be another version coming out with more characters. (no joke)

The price is also not too shabby especially for newcomers. Ultimate will be coming out in November with the price tag of $40



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