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access_time July 20, 2011 at 10:34 AM in Features by ADudeNamedSimon

Idolmaster 2 Xbox 360 Owners Get Bad Deal

Is this another low blow to the Xbox 360 franchise in Japan? Popular pop idol simulator, The Idolmaster 2, is being ported over to the PS3 on October 27th. Originally it was an Xbox 360 exclusive earlier this year but plans are set to bring it over to the PS3. With the planned port comes the exuberant amount of DLC content the game has.

While 360 owners had to fork out a large amount of Microsoft Points to get these DLC content, PS3 owners are expected to get a bit of a better discount. The price of the discount? FREE. PS3 owners will find that their ported game will come with content that 360 owners had to pay for but with a 100% discount.

After all the clothes, accessories and song purchases 360 owners will be paying 17,000 MS Points (25,500Yen or $323USD), a considerably big amount compared to free.

In America, Sony’s console may be getting slapped around a lot by Microsoft but over in Japan the only one getting screwed is the 360.


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