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access_time July 18, 2011 at 9:05 AM in Features by AJ Dellinger

Ubisoft Claims PC Retail Market is Difficult, Focusing on Online Distribution

Ubisoft is ready to refocus their attention to the PC gaming market after years of simply porting console version of games over to the platform. Ubisoft has shied away from this in the past because of “difficult” PC retail market that it hard to ” invest in a big, dedicated product,” according to Ghost Recon Online creative director Theo Sanders.

The reason they are ready to do this now? “The emergence of online business models has brought back the opportunity to produce something dedicated to PC fans, rather than just ported multiplatform content.” In other words, they figured out that gamers download things online and will also spend money on good games. Groundbreaking. Ghost Recon Online, announced in May, will be the first game to test Ubisoft’s approach when it becomes available. It will free-to-play and Sanders suggested it will include “customized content based on community feedback.”

Ubisoft sounds like they are ready to re-enter the world of PC gaming with a splash, but a few important questions need to be asked: How much of the game will truly be free-to-play? How much effect will premium content have? And is Theo Sanders the black sheep son of Colonel Sanders? We’ll have to wait until the game drops to find out, but Ubisoft seems dedicated to proving the free-to-play business model works and is betting one of their biggest franchises on it.



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