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access_time July 17, 2011 at 1:21 PM in GotGame Radio by Steve Masters

GotGame Episode 423

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It’s the video game radio show, GotGame powered by Glyde dot com.. I’m Steve Masters playing the new transformers, Alice Maddness returns and Green Lantern!..don’t miss it.!

    (story stuff) nice…in the new transformers game, Dark of the moon, you start of as bumblebee. (bumblebee stuff) transforming between the bot and the car (driving sfx)..waste the decepticons (shooting) then, optomus prime shows up!.. Transformers: Rise of the Manhunters isn’t bad, but try it before you buy it.

 (alice dialogue)  Alice in wonderland…retold..(more stuff)  Alice: Maddness Returns is a colorful, yet strange game that plays like a weird action adventure. (moving) smooth character movements,interesting puzzles and challenging enemies make Alice Madness Returns a game to look at.

 Now it’s time for the Glyde dot com Game of the week..Green Lantern: Rise of the Manhunters (theme music) are you sick of getting ripped off for your used games?  Sell them now at GLYDE dot com, that’s Glyde dot com (sfx) The new Green Lantern game is a non-stop, action game (action stuff)..there’s enough variety to keep you gripping the controler (action stuff)  the robotic manhunters are everywhere…but they’re easy to waste! Green Lantern: rise of the manhunters it’s one of the best comic book hero games yet!…Im Steve Masters for GotGame powered by glyde dot com.


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