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Sony Announces World Game Project

by on July 16, 2011

For once, the gaming industry is bringing the West to the East. Rather than showing off the exciting new things in Japan to us foreigners, Sony has started an event in Japan called the World Game Project. The Slenderman-esque figure making his way around E3 this year was part of the promotion, as Mr. Murata has been revealed as the mascot for the World Game Project. If only we had such cool mascots for our sports teams.

Focusing on a nice array of games from Infamous 2 to Japanese-made, but Western-designed TPS Shadows of the Damned, the WGP promises to open up Western gaming to a whole new market. Also joining the lucky few will be Resistance 3 and Deus Ex: Human Revolution, along with a slew of videos promoting other releases.

Scheduled for the 23rd of this month in Akihabara, the World Game Project certainly makes summer more exciting for Japan. Shame it’s only a one-day event, though.

For those who want more information and can read Japanese, feel free to take a look here.


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