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Duke Nukem Forever Refuses To Die

by on July 16, 2011

All too true.

Against all odds and good sense, buyers have propelled Duke Nukem Forever (aka The Death Of Duke Nukem) to the number two slot on the list of top selling games for June 2011. OK, first off, what? Second, it beat the 3DS version of Ocarina of Time – a game that didn’t take 14 years only to be worse than that time you thought microwaving a CD was a good idea (although microwaving your copy of DNF WOULD be a good idea).

Not surprising anyone is the number one holder, LA Noire, a game that actually received good reviews and won accolades based on the game and not the fact that it finally came out.  Of course, this is just for America so hope remains that the rest of the world have wised up to the drek being churned their way. It’s still shocking that people would be gullible enough to buy such a poorly received game, let alone continue to buy it well after its release. It can be assumed that 12 year olds just love shooting aliens and driving RC cars.

No word on the top contender for July’s sales to date, but it seems like it would be safe to say that Duke Nukem Forever will probably diminish in sales. At least we can hope.


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