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access_time July 15, 2011 at 11:02 AM in Features by AJ Dellinger

Kinect Coming to Smart phones

It looks like Microsoft is making a move to be a bigger player in the mobile market. According to speculation from Reuters (and their attention grabbing title, “How Kinect could turn Smartphones into Robots”), Microsoft has positioned itself over the past year to start moving gesture recognition to the mobile market.

The speculation comes from the fact that Microsoft purchased Canesta, a leader in motion sensitive technology, in 2010, and their engine can be shrunk down to one square centimeter. This would be small enough for placement in Windows phones. Ideally, technology like this would allow for, “natural user interfaces, autonomous navigation and many other tasks.” More than likely, technology like this will allow users to wave their furiously wave their hands at their phone as it refuses to respond, constantly selecting the wrong menus, and a whole lot of motion-controlled drunk dials.

As far as Reuters’ robot claim, it has more to do with the general advance in technology and cloud access than anything. The basic idea is the phones can connect to the cloud and have unlimited access to information, and a robot could connect to the phone to access that information. There’s a lot of vague details and science-y things in between but I’m pretty sure it all ends with Arnold Schwarzenegger traveling back in time to save some kid. Don’t quote me on that though.



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