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Skyrim – Now With 100% Less Demo

by on July 14, 2011

No demo for you!

Sad news for Elder Scrolls fans today. Bethesda have confirmed that Skyrim is just too damn big to be released as a demo, continuing their trend of making players wait for a good thing. Previous installments of the series have gone without demos, as did Fallout 3 – all games with similarly massive worlds and exploration dynamics. Confirming the size of the game as the reason behind this move, Craig Lafferty (lead producer for Skyrim) said,

“With a game this size and complexity, it’s really hard to do a demo that represents the game truly. It’d be a gigantic demo as well. So we won’t be doing a demo.”

So until the game actually comes out, all we’ll get are the preview videos and the scant updates as announcements trickle out. Given the scope implied in previous showings, as well as the history of truly epic worlds, it seems that Skyrim will be worth the wait and could easily prove a demo to be useless.

Until then, patient waiting and voracious drooling will have to suffice.


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