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access_time July 13, 2011 at 9:39 AM in Features by Andrew Kent

Tetsuya Nomura Gives Long Awaited Teaser Info on Kingdom Hearts III

At long last from the depths of the abyssal pit we hear a sliver of information about Kingdom Hearts III! Long have the Kingdom Hearts fan boys and girls waited longingly for the herald Square Enix to give us news of this game!

So here’s the info: After this game Xehanort will no longer be the main antagonist and there are already some frameworks for future sequels with Sora as the main character. SQUEE! Yes, I squeed, so what?

However until Kingdom Hearts 3 is released our hunger must be satiated with Kingdom Hearts 3D, for the 3DS. %$@#$ Hopefully they come out with a RE: Kingdom Hearts 3D that is multi-platform before the release of Kingdom Hearts 3, lest I sell myself so I can purchase the 3DS just to play Kingdom Hearts 3D…

Oh, and Square Enix is looking into technology to remaster games in HD. We shall see what they do with that. (We shall also see if Sora sounds like a big burly man. Can anyone say major voice change from KH1-KH2?)

Oh Kingdom Hearts, how you have enslaved me. Xehanort’s Heartless was right, you are dark and evil. You monster.



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