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Rockstar says L.A. Noire “Isn’t Complete Yet”

by on July 13, 2011

Since the popularization of downloadable content, game developers and publishers have been accused fo withholding content and releasing unfinished games, only to sell the content back to the players later. In the case of Rockstar’s L.A. Noire, the content literally couldn’t fit upon initial publication.

With the most recent DLC, Reefer Madness, Rockstar has put out five additional cases since the game’s May 17 release, a rate of production that puts sweatshops to shame. According to a spokesperson for the company, there could be a lot more coming, stating, “the game isn’t complete yet.” What will complete the game is still unknown, but Rockstar officials have previously mentioned that entire desks were cut to make the game reasonably sized.

It is unknown whether any of the DLCs have already made available some of this cut material or if Rockstar has something else up their sleeve for that material. What is clear is that Rockstar is never done with a game, as evidenced by the GTA IV expansions like the Ballad of Gay Tony or Red Dead Redemption’s zombie-ridden addition Undead Nightmare. I speculate that you’ll be able to buy a game box that includes an actual badge that will allow you to solve real life cases that Rockstar will have hired actors commit around the country. Your guess is as good as mine, though. Probably better, seeing as mine is terrible.


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