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Preorder Costumes for Spider-man and X-Men Game

What better way to enjoy the upcoming Spider-man and X-Men video games by Activision than to be able to dress your characters up in cheesy, not-so-great-looking costumes, right?

Those interested in pre-ordering either Spider-man: Edge of Time or X-Men Destiny from retailer Gamestop will be able to play dress up with their in-game characters. The gallery below shows just how…interesting the costumes will be.

Spider-Man: Edge of Time: Pre-order today and get a code to unlock the exclusive Identity Crisis Suits!

In the Identity Crisis storyline, Peter Parker gave up being Spider-Man to try and become a new kind of Hero, adopting four alternate heroic identities . Players will be able to equip the four distinct suits from this storyline – Dusk, Prodigy, Ricochet and Hornet – that will grant increases to health, damage, health regeneration, or shield regeneration, depending on which suit is selected.

X-Men Destiny:Pre-order today and get a code to unlock exclusive Havok X-Gene Powers and Costumes!

Harness the power of Havok! Players will receive a unique, Havok-inspired suit for each playable character and be able to equip the exclusive Havok X-gene, granting plasma-based power enhancement to their attacks, the ability to stun enemies through energy absorption and increase their damage output over time.

Will these outfits be worthy of playing either games? Who knows. One thing is for sure, Activision seems to be taking a little inspiration with the X-Men costumes from Tron, don’t you think?


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