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StarCraft II Linking Regions

Now anyone can be friends

Pangaea shall rise again! Or at least Gondwanaland will see a small resurgence thanks to the plans of Blizzard. Deciding to join multiplayer regions together to aid those in less than savory conditions, the StarCraft II masterminds have announced their choice to combine Russia and Europe, North America with its Latin American neighbor, and StarCraft-centric Korea with considerably less StarCraft obsessed Taiwan.

All linked regions will share their entire player roster, allowing an exponentially higher number of multiplayer games with Blizzard describing the effects of their choice as such:

“Having a larger pool of players means the automated matchmaker for ladder games will be faster and more effective at finding opponents at or near your skill level. Similarly, more players means faster queue times for custom games, which benefits both players and map creators.”

In addition to this balance, all character links will become completely open allowing international friendships to bloom.

“There should be no impact on game performance. All players in the linked regions will be connecting and playing through the same data centers that they were using prior to region linking, which is the main reason why linking these regions together is fairly straightforward.”

Blizzard went on to say, quelling the fears of massive ping and lag.

With this update to the regional divide, it can be expected that the change date coinciding with the next ladder (July 18th) will bring more upsets and greater pair ups with this insanely large player base. But that’s a given with such a massive recombination of people. Goodbye, social interaction – I have new people to beat in SC 2.



  • unlimitedlives July 12, 2011 at 12:22 PM

    This is going to be interesting.

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