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access_time July 12, 2011 at 9:02 AM in Features by m_olmos

Mass Effect 3 Demo Announced

Oh short-form messaging, how ambiguous you can be! As ubiquitous as Twitter and endless short status updates are, the amount of information they reveal is often frustratingly miniscule (unless a point really must be made). Now giving all those anticipating Mass Effect 3 (due early 2012) a new reason to be frustrated, BioWare made a nice short announcement today. When ME3 executive producer Casey Hudson decided to limit himself to 140 characters today, he made the most of it, tweeting (what a terrible verb):

“Awesome, much appreciated! Stay tuned for news on demo plans in a few months.”

Demo? As in a level of gameplay that has been finished? Holy… Well, probably not a demo in the true sense, but an alpha or (hopefully) beta version of the game considering its year of release. Still, great news.

Now is the time to limber up those fingers, oil your analog sticks, and prepare to submit basic information to get in on this trial. But before that, prepare to wait for an undisclosed period of time – not that it won’t yield significant benefits for the patient.



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