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“Dead Air” for L4D2 Coming Soon

Dead Air Coming Soon

Valve knows their market. After agreeing to release an updated version of the “Dead Air” episode for Left 4 Dead 2 if 20,000 people beta’d “Cold Stream,” a map made by the Valve community, the fervor to get that update won. Not just meeting their expectations but decimating them, players broke 20,000 plays in an astounding four and a half hours. Valve also reported that,

By 5pm you passed 30,000. By this morning at 10am – a mere 24 hours later you hit 60,774!

How’s that for community organization?

The fanfare was cut short by the news that we may have to wait until the 22nd of this month to actually play the map, but it came with the additional news that maps for the Finale as well as The Terminal were underway. Chalking it up to those two maps needing additional testing from the inside, Valve promised to release “Dead Air” as quickly as possible, appeasing most. Additionally, updates to existing episodes were announced, with updates focusing on “Dead Carnival” and “some gameplay changes for finales in general.”

If you’re on a computer (either PC or Mac), you’ll be able to see those finale changes first while Xbox owners will just have to wait. Now for the worse news: Xbox 360 updates will not be implemented until all of the original episodes from Left 4 Dead are finished being remade and updated for L4D2. Now armed with the knowledge that mass testing speeds things up over at Valve, players can continue to do some of Valve’s work for them to help push forward these release dates.



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