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Oblivion Mod: Andoran Prologue

by on July 6, 2011

For those Elder Scroll fans out there who are jonesing for their fix with the upcoming release of Skyrim should take a gander at a mod for Bethesda’s older Elder Scroll game, Oblivion. Titled Andoran: Prologue and said to be a true canon prologue to Oblivion, this mod has a completely new campaign with boosted up graphics that makes you wonder if it could compete with Skyrim. The mod will not only add new gameplay but it also adds a ton of new visual effects, armor, characters, textures, and many other little features that tweaks the mechanics of the game. This truly looks to be a visually fantastic mod for the game and will definitely add a new element to the world of Oblivion.

Andoran will be completely free as long as you have your own licensed copy of Oblivion. It is slated for a release during the second half of 2011.

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