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access_time July 5, 2011 at 11:03 AM in Features by david_baizer

Update: Capcom Responds to RE Criticism

Gaming giant Capcom unleashed a hellstorm of customer backlash by omitting a simple save reset feature in the stand alone Resident Evil: The Mercenaries for Nintendo 3Ds. Capcom initially ignored criticisms that the move was an attempt to make the game less valuable when resold on the used games market, and claimed that the single save file was a “feature” that did not interfere with gameplay or replayability (see this GotGame Article). Today Capcom has finally admitted that the decision to use a single save file was a bad one, and that after fans’ vitriolic reactions, it would be the last time this ever happens.
In an interview with EuroGamer, Capcom’s senior vice president Christian Svensson said:

I think it’s fair to say there was never quite the malicious intent that the conspiracy theorists out there would have you believe. I think it’s also fair to say in light of the controversy it’s generated I don’t think you’re going to see something like this happening again

I wouldn’t put it past any company to try and save or make money, and certainly didn’t view the arbitrary restriction of a single save file as an accident on Capcom’s part. At any rate, it is reassuring to hear that because gamers complained loudly enough this will never happen again. We can make a difference complaining on the internet!



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