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What Will the Red Robin Alternate SkinLook Like?

We were recently told that the upcoming Batman: Arkham City will feature Robin (Tim Drake) as a playable character, along with exclusive Robin-only missions. This content is available immediately to those who preorder the game from Best Buy, and available as DLC to everyone some time after the release. This was welcome news, especially for those of us a little surprised by the choice of making Catwoman a playable character before a Robin, or if I had it my way, a Nightwing (Ah, the 90s).  First of all, the Robin available in Batman: Arkham City is Tim Drake, the third Robin out of four (not counting the Frank Miller female Robin, temporary Robins, or Else-Worlds/alternate universe Robins) in the DC Universe continuity. Like the first Robin, Dick Grayson, Tim Drake’s parents were murdered (well, his father was just crippled) and he was mentored in the arts of crime fighting by Bruce Wayne. While the two characters share similar back-stories and roles, writers have managed to establish them as separate personalities. While Dick was always humorous, upbeat, and noted for his acrobatic fighting style, Tim was more introspective, intelligent, and analytical; a detective. He also fought with a Bo Staff, which looks to be available in the game.Now many of you know Tim Drake from the Emmy winning Batman: The Animated Series (from which Arkham City will feature the stellar voice acting of Kevin Conroy as Batman and Mark Hamil as the Joker), where he looked like this:

But then we saw the official picture of his appearance in Arkham City:

What the hell were they thinking? Who is this guy and what did he do with Tim Drake?In GotGame News #2, Blake compares him to the reviled Joel Schumaker incarnation, and to the celebrated wordsmith Eminem. For a franchise that has been up until now so faithful to the comic continuity (including the character Oracle, a Knightfall-Bane-Bat-Back-Breaking reference in a boss fight, etc), this is a shock. An all white costume? Seriously? But there is some hope for Robin yet, as he comes with a selectable alternate Red Robin skin. Now those of us familiar with the Batman comics have an idea what the alternate costume will look like. In the comics, Tim Drake is currently Red Robin, is featured in his own comic and is going to be the leader of a new Young Justice comic similar to the Young Justice cartoon on Cartoon Network. Currently, his costume looks like this:

Now I would guess that the alternate skin would look like the costume above, which is cool with me. I like the Batman-esque cowl and black cape. Unfortunately, the plot thickens, as DC is planning a total relaunch of its universe in the near future to make comics more accessible, and this means costume changes for Batman, Superman, Nightwing, and yes, Red Robin. The bulk of the redesigns are being handled by Jim Lee, a talented artist, though it’s a bit scary to see the iconic suits messed with. This is what the redesigned Red Robin costume looks like:


  • unlimitedlives July 5, 2011 at 7:56 AM

    I kinda like the Young Justice outfit more than the ones with the wings. I’m also more interested to see the redesign of all the main super heroes of the DC universe.

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