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access_time June 30, 2011 at 9:04 PM in Features by Andrew Kent

Kinect: A Stepping Stone Towards the Future

So I read an article today on PixelGeek discussing why the Kinect is not “innovative”. I’ve never played using a kinect myself but I’m still able to see the real potential that this technology can bring to the future of gaming.

The Kinect offers the ability for the gamer to do what a controller can not. At the Microsoft E3 conference they showcased the game Ryse. The demo person seemed to have full control of the actions of the Roman Soldier he was playing as. This type of game play is something that I have been dreaming about for years. A game that isn’t limited to simple combos or one downward sword slashing movement. I wanted a game where I could move my character in ways that only a human body could. Controller based games are so limiting in a lot of ways, but Kinect games and other motion sensor based games give you much more freedom than a controller ever can.

Interaction is something else that is missing from the gaming experience. Sure in some games you can select a or b to do action one or two, but that type of gaming experience is becoming old and tired. Imagine being able to do more. Multiple options come to play. One could be inventive with force powers. Instead of being limited to moving what the game wants moved, a gamer could move a hulking tank and have it come crashing down on part of the advancing army. Being able to have that type of freedom would be rewarding, or a really cheap anger management tool.

Kinect is the first stepping stone to true motion sensor technology. Yes, we are most likely a long way off before truly perfecting the technology but this technology is a step in the right direction.



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