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Capcom Responds to RE: Mercenaries Save File Debacle

by on June 28, 2011

Capcom has responded to criticisms of its strange decision to make the new 3DS game lack a reset feature (in other words, you get one save file that cannot be undone). Concerning this option, Capcom has sent out the following statement:

In Resident Evil: The Mercenaries 3D, all mission progress is saved directly to the Nintendo 3DS cartridge, where it cannot be reset. The nature of the game invites high levels of replayability in order to improve mission scores. In addition, this feature does not remove any content available for users.”

This decision has caused an uproar among fans of the series, who have alleged that the lack of a reset (a severe annoyance) is a deliberate ploy by the company to decrease the value of the game for used resale, a market which may cost Sony millions of dollars. In response to this criticism, Capcom has said that

“Secondhand game sales were not a factor in this development decision, so we hope that all our consumers will be able to enjoy the entirety of the survival-action experiences that the game does offer.”

If second hand sales had no part in Capcom’s decision, than why not provide us with a reset option? What most gamers call a hindrance Capcom has rebranded a “feature” and moved on.


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