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access_time June 27, 2011 at 8:39 PM in Features by Andrew Kent

360 Newbie: My First Impressions of Duke Nukem Forever

So DNF was delivered to me today. I was “apprehensive” of the game at first because of the artwork and Duke Nukem’s lewd reputation. However, I grew tired of playing Assassin’s Creed and thought “what the hell”. I popped DNF into my 360 and started playing.

The first thing I see is Duke urinating…I start laughing. Not because it’s funny, just because of the sheer tackiness of it (the turd achievement was a bit much as well). But all of that was forgotten once the first alien was smashed into bits and the boss battle ensued. I was easily sucked into the game and continued playing for a couple hours.

Lewd references aside, the game play is pretty good. Either that or I’m just really starting to like shooters. Either way I think I will enjoy playing this game to the very end.


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