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Codemasters Bodycount Gets An August Release

by on June 25, 2011

Before I go into talking about the trailer, I’ll go into a little bit of detail of what Bodycount is. Back in the day, Criterion studios, responsible for the Burnout series, brought out a first person shooter that took destruction to a whole new level on the PS2 and Xbox. It was called Black. After the game was released and made it’s rounds in retail market, Senior Designer, Stuart Black left Criterion and was hired by Codemasters to design a new game.

And this is where Bodycount comes in. The game seems to be a mixture of a lot of things, including stuff that we’ve seen in the original Black but also looks like a mix bag of games such as Borderlands, Brink, and the movie Tron. (towards the end of the trailer.)  Bodycount is said to have an August release date but no official word on the actual day. Check out the trailer below:


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