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Celebrate Bungie’s 20th Anniversary with Flaming Helmets

by on June 23, 2011


Want to look a bad ass wearing something that can potentially make you cooler than Ghost Rider? Well, Bungie is giving away flaming helmets for Halo:Reach to celebrate its 20th anniversary and it’s not going to cost you some Microsoft points. You can get yours by signing up on bungie.net or through their iPhone/iPad app that they’ve recently released. Make sure to sign up in between now and July 7th,  that’ll be the last day to sign up and get your flaming helmet.

Bungie will also be dropping some info on what exactly Halo Aerospace is. Apparently the name was trademarked back in march along with “Marathon” who some of you may remember was one of the first games that Bungie  has produced. It could also potentially mean that the series will be getting a next-gen upgrade.

 Look forward to more information on Halo Aerospace until then enjoy this PSA from Bungie:




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