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Activision To Bring Call of Duty Fans Together With Elite.

The Call of Duty community is now claimed as the best community of fans by Activision and that’s why they’ve decide to reward players but letting them pay for a subscription service that allows them to get extra content.

In a interview with OXM, Big Boss of Beach Head Studios, Chacko Sonny, had this to say about the service and the CoD community…

“We have the best online community in the world and we owe it to them to offer an experience that will not only anticipate their needs but will keep getting better and better every single day,”

“And that’s what we’ve done with Call of Duty Elite. At last count, all four of the CoD games between 2007-2010 are currently in the top ten on Xbox Live, and they need us to figure out a way to bring those discrete communities together”
“We want our players to create a single profile and build a relationship with Elite that can continue to evolve with every CoD game,”

My mind has been slowly changing to liking the idea of Call of Duty Elite and I’m someone who isn’t a die-hard fan of CoD. Keeping our stats recorded throughout every single future release of CoD isn’t what’s making me change my mind. It’s the idea of sharing videos and having feedback from the community of CoD Veterans that tutor you on becoming better at your game using their strategies.

A very good option to have if you’re in a clan.


Activision has not announced a price yet but you can still enter the beta for those who are curious to know how the services work.



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