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Microsoft Introduces A New Way of Interacting with TV Ads Using The Kinect.

by on June 21, 2011

Introduced today at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity was Microsoft’s “NUads,” which allows consumers to interact with their advertisements on TV. By simply using gestures infront of the Kinect, a person will be able to get more information or coupons on certain ads, finding the closest retail spot near-by and maybe tweet about it. Check out the video demonstration:


Here is what NUads will let you do:
•Tweet what you’re watching by saying “Xbox Tweet”
•Additional information on the product can be attained by saying “Xbox More.”
•You could say “Xbox Near Me” to find the closest location of that particular product.
•A way to remind yourself of an upcoming series premiere of a show, you would say “Xbox Schedule” to send a simple reminder to your phone.
•Consumers can participate in little trivia spots in commercials where they can opt to vote by waving their hand and selecting their vote.

I wonder if this is going to convince more people to buy Kinects and Xbox 360s to be in with the cool kids because it won’t work unless you have them, right? NUads are expected to air in Spring 2012.


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