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360 Newbie: Final Fantasy XIII Evaluation/Rant

by on June 15, 2011

I can hardly get myself to get up and finish the final chapter of Final Fantasy XIII; not because my thumbs are weary of pressing the A button multiple times and certainly not because I’m sick….

Certainly most of you already know how much Final Fantasy XIII was not up to par with the other games in the Final Fantasy series. The game was too short, had too many gimmicks to extend the length of the game, and the plot was probably suffering from a lack of concentration.

I have so far only clocked in about 44-45 hours of game play in FF XIII, compare that to the over 100 hours that I spent playing it’s predecessor, Final Fantasy XII. Recently, there has been an article on the internet saying that there was “too much” in the story to put into one game. In truth, they put too little into the game while in fact overwhelming game players with what they did put into the game.

Most of those 44-45 hours were spent killing monsters that had an exponentially higher HP than your characters did. I would liken it to fighting one mini-boss battle after another. Yes, stagger speeds things up, albeit with the first monster you kill, but if there are multiple of a mob in one setting then you’re sitting there for a good 3-5 minutes trying to slay the rest of the creatures (some are even highly resistant to chain gauges and any attacks so you spend even more time defeating those.). Some monsters you can’t even beat until post game.

Then we go to the hunts. FF XII had hunts but they were more realistic in health gauges. You had the ability to defeat all the marks before the game ended and received good rewards for doing so. Final Fantasy XIII’s hunts are just another reason for you to play the game after the main storyline has been beaten.

Finally we come to the story of the game. You are L’cie who are trying to stop a Fal’Cie from destroying his own home so that they can summon the being who made humans and Fal’Cie. Sounds pretty straight forward yeah? That’s only because it’s my paraphrased version. There are just so many places in the game that keep you asking questions that are never answered. Some of the main character’s lines are even a bit befuddling.

In the end, I wouldn’t mind some elements from FF XIII being brought back, but there is a lot that needs to never see the light of day again. Hopefully this final fantasy game will be the “final failure”.

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