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Devil’s Third To Be Released In 2013?!

Devil’s Third is one of those games that makes you wonder what the hell was the producer smoking when he came up with the idea of combining games like Ninja Gaiden and Wet but if you take a second look….you’ll know why.

Producer Tomonobu Itagaki, known for creating both Ninja Gaiden and Dead or Alive series has been in the works with his new team at Valhalla studios to create this stylistic shooter that could possibly rival stylish champs like Devil May Cry and Bayonetta but we won’t be seeing the game till 2013…..!

In an interview conducted by Impress Watch, Itagaki explained how the game is already 100% complete but the process of making the game completely replayable on different levels is an extra process. The estimated percentage of completion drops back down to 20-30%. Itagaki explains that the game is fully playable with an multiplayer already completed as well.

With almost 2 years to go for further development, the multiplayer is already set to handle up to 32 players online but no word on any type of modes it will have. When asked about different platforms, Itagaki expressed interest in bringing Devil Third to the Wii U saying that he’s excited at the possibility. More info of the game will be unveiled later this year at the Tokyo Game Show possibly giving us an exact date on when the game will come out.

I for one, am really excited to play this game. Itakagi hasn’t let me down in what he can create especially when it comes to stylish hack and slash games.


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