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Interview with NintendoCapriSun!


Get some more toilet paper cuz’ it’s an interview with NintendoCapriSun where I ask about his catchphrases, get his thoughts about Project Cafe (before E3), and much more! Sit down, hold on to your toilet seat, and enjoy!

1. Background Info (name, background information, etc.)

Timothy Bishop, originally from Ishpeming, Upper Michigan, currently living in Wisconsin. Born April 5, 1976, about 5 ft. 10 in., around 200 lbs. and pretty much a video game fanatic all my life.

2. How did you start your Let’s Play Series?

I started with sporadic videos of random hunts from Final Fantasy 12, followed by what I called “The Stupid Run” of Super Mario Bros. 3. I didn’t really start officially LP’ing until I followed in WhitemageSerenia’s footsteps and put up a Final Fantasy 6 LP.

3. What is the story behind your Youtube channel name?

It’s a long one! When I was in the 8th grade, I decided I wanted to come up with a nickname for myself. The only requirement was that it had to have the word “Nintendo” in it. I made out an entire sheet of notebook paper, two columns of names. I never did decide on one. I wish I could say that I still had that list today. The only two names I can remember from it now are “The Fire Breathing Nintendo 1-Up” and “Nintendo CapriSun”. But ever since I made that list, I had always considered Nintendo CapriSun to be one of the worst names on the list (which is the only reason I still remember it now). It was so obvious at that point that I had been just looking at things around the room to come up with names, and that was one of them.

So I started a Youtube account with that exact name, not really intending to do anything with it besides comment on videos. Then one day I started making my own, and next thing you know, kablooey. Now the name sounds perfectly normal to me, having heard it so many times. But I’ll always remember how stupid I thought it was once upon a time.

4. How do you chose which games you Let’s Play?

Mostly on the spur of the moment, whatever I’m feeling at the time. I do tend to let the seasons guide me; I’m more likely to do Mario games in the summer and Metroid in the winter. Zelda is good for the fall, Kirby for the spring. Just as an example.

5. What goes in to producing your videos?

It’s pretty easy actually. I use a capture device to record my video game footage, while at the same time recording commentary; I put the two together in Sony Vegas, and presto. The most complicated things I have to do are edit out the occasional burp or cough, and occasionally re-sync sound. Truthfully, the only reason I don’t try more complicated stuff is simply that my computer is 4 years old and I hate to overburden it.

6. What are some of your favorite games currently?

Will you be Let’s Playing them? Right now I’m playing a lot of 3D Dot Game Heroes, Mario Party 2 and Dragon Quest IX. I don’t really know of any good way to record DS games, so I’m likely not going to LP the latter. Mario Party 2 may be an eventual project on my collaborative channel, TheRunawayGuys. 3D Dot Game Heroes, definitely a future LP.

7. Where did some of your catchphrases like “in the bathroom” come from?

“In the bathroom” specifically is from Weird Al’s “Complicated Song”. I just remember thinking it was a terrible line for a Weird Al song. It just sounds so “not clever”. So this one day I started saying the line by itself, which seemed to “enhance” its “not clever”-ness. It’s a habit of mine, I guess. Now I just say it in the face of something that could potentially be construed as bathroom humor. Same way that people say “That’s what she said” when something could be construed as sexually humorous.

Most of the other phrases occurred just off the top of my head. Some, like “Get some more toilet paper,” have stories behind them that are just too disgusting to discuss publicly.

8. Which of your Let’s Plays is your favorite so far?

Mother 3. No contest. Majora’s Mask comes in a close second.

9. Are there any other Youtubers Let’s Plays that you really enjoy?

Several. Chuggaaconroy being maybe too obvious of a choice, but the guy pulls no punches, and ultimately that is the key to being a successful LP’er as far as I’ve seen. Other notables are Lucahjin (her voice is utterly sexy), Dario8676 (Heavy Rain + calming voice = win), Aloyalgamer (smart fellow, opened my eyes to the Suikoden series), GrandPyromania, RedYoshi91, SplitableInfinitive, JoshJepson, there are just too many to name.

10. Project Café: What are your thoughts about this rumored new gaming system?

Being as old as I am, I find myself increasingly intimidated by the advancement of technology. I have taken surprisingly well to the Wii, but I have to admit that having a screen on a controller seems more than a bit superfluous, seeing as how that’s what a 3DS is. A screen on a controller. Unless the 3DS is going to act AS the controller, a running theory of mine. Otherwise, though, I don’t think we’ve really seen enough to make any sound judgment on it yet.

11. What are some hobbies of yours?

Writing music, writing screenplays, indulging in the occasional lottery ticket, cooking, and catching up on TV shows, most recently Dexter, Fringe and Smallville.

12. Have you ever had any thoughts of deviating from Let’s Playing Nintendo games despite being “NintendoCapriSun”?

Indeed I have. In fact, I had actually originally planned to do Final Fantasy IX, a PS title, as one of my first LP’s, until I got sick of the game from watching everyone else do it. Recently, though, I did depart onto the PS2 platform with my FFX LP, and will do so again very soon with “Shadow Of The Colossus”.

13. What are some game titles that you are looking forward to in the future?

Skyward Sword, Ocarina 3DS, any kind of future Super Smash Bros. installment is pretty much guaranteed to rock. And you know there’s gonna be one. To be honest, I don’t spend much time thinking about upcoming titles since I can barely catch up on all the current ones I have.

14. What are some of the movies that you have quoted during your Let’s Plays?

The ones I quote the most are the holy trinity of 80’s trilogies: Star Wars, Back To The Future and Karate Kid. Occasionally, something from “Willow” slips in, as well as almost any Jim Carrey movie. Sometimes Harry Potter, but it’s rare.

15. Is there anything in the world that you could not live without?

Coca Cola Classic. That is all.

16. What was it like doing the Let’s Play on the “Runaway Guys” channel?

Exhilarating. I don’t know, I pretty much stopped getting starstruck a while ago, so for me it was really just getting together with a group of friends and taking advantage of our collective notoriety to make the most absolutely insane thing we could. I think the insanity came through quite well, although I admit I find myself wishing I’d speak louder. Apparently many of my fans have the same complaint. (Haha)

17. Which Super Mario game is your favorite?

The first title that actually comes to mind is Super Mario Kart, but as for the original platformers probably Super Mario Bros. 3.

18. What are some of your likes and dislikes (gaming and otherwise)?

I like big greeny atmospheres in games, I like great game music (like Secret of Mana), I like overcast weather, I like the concept of memory, and I like TV dinners. As for dislikes, I really really dislike loud noise, I dislike vegetables (surprise surprise) and I dislike the fact that in almost every Zelda game, you don’t get the best armor until the last half hour of the game.

19. What are some games that you would like to change and how would you change them?

I’d really like it if they could make first-person shooters that weren’t so dark and dreary, ones that had plots that didn’t always revolve around war, ones that utilized other colors besides black, gray and brown. Video games give us a chance to be creative and yet we’re just recreating the worst things that happen in the world. To be honest, I wouldn’t mind seeing some 3-D recreations of classic games like Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger or Final Fantasy 6, and no I don’t mean in Minecraft! Haha, I know the purists will say the games are fine as is. It’s just, haven’t you ever wanted to stand in the middle of Narshe and just look up, see what the sky looks like? Inquiring minds want to know.

20. Who is your favorite Nintendo game character?

Currently it’s a two-way tie between Link and Samus Aran.


Here are the first episodes of some of his previous Let’s Plays:

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask:


Megaman X:


Banjo Tooie:

Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/NintendoCapriSun

Twitter: @Lost_CapriSun


  • unlimitedlives June 14, 2011 at 10:47 AM

    That last line in question #19 is something I’ve always wanted to do with this playing in the background: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V-6oKYF_8tk

    Definitely a great interview, Ember.

    • Andrew Kent June 15, 2011 at 11:42 AM

      Thanks so much!

  • Yuriofwind June 14, 2011 at 7:20 PM

    Omg, NCS! :’D.

    • Andrew Kent June 15, 2011 at 11:41 AM

      XD I wonder if you also watch HCBailly?

  • Cheddahz June 15, 2011 at 7:24 AM

    I think everyone here wants to see a remake of Chrono Trigger, Secret of Mana, and Final Fantasy VI

    Excellent review, if I must say 😀

    • Cheddahz June 15, 2011 at 7:25 AM

      I mean excellent interview xD

      • Andrew Kent June 15, 2011 at 11:37 AM

        >.> I need to play Chrono Trigger and Secret of Mana some time. They both look like good games! Thanks for the complement too!

  • athmaus June 15, 2011 at 11:18 AM

    Good interview

    • Andrew Kent June 15, 2011 at 11:40 AM

      Thumbs up to you good Sir!

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