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Prey 2’s Bounty Hunter Puts Predator To Shame.

When I mention Prey to some of my friends, I’m left with blank stares but occasionally I would get a response. It’s either “Oh My God, that game made me dizzy” or “That game was bad ass” but I never had someone say that it was a super terrible game. I loved the original Prey and I was looking forward to continuing the story in the sequel but when new details of Prey 2 came about, I was slightly disappointed that I wasn’t going to be playing as the Native American bad ass from Prey 1.

This E3 trailer of Prey 2 has changed my slight disappointment to being anxious. Check it out below:

From viewing the trailer we can tell that there’s going to be a lot of changes from the first Prey but the most obvious one being is the new character that we’ll be playing, a bounty hunter that has some pretty nifty tools that reminds me of Predator. He has the threat detection HUD that outlines his enemies from innocent civilians to the shoulder mounted Missile launcher that closely resembles the same shoulder mounted laser cannon that Predator uses to decimate his enemies.

I think out of all the games at E3, I’m looking forward to this the most.


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