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Capcom Addresses Street Fighter’s DRM

Capcom proves that complaining (sometimes) pays off.

A few days ago, I posted an article regarding Capcom’s implementation of digital rights management in their upcoming PC release of Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition.  Essentially, players that were not logged in to Games For Windows Live would only have access to an offline demo of sorts.  Only 15 of the 39 in-game characters would be available and all online functionality would be disabled.

Naturally, the Internet did not take too kindly to this particular announcement.  Users on Capcom Unity’s boards protested this decision, and other message boards joined in the conversation as well.  After the overwhelming negative backlash from this news, Capcom has responded with PC gamers’ best wishes at heart.

Christian Svensson, corporate officer and senior vice-president at Capcom, posted this statement:

The argument that legitimate users would have a worse experience than pirates was the loudest and most convincing. We certainly don’t want that to be the case and that was never our intention.

Translation:  “You were right, we were wrong.”

The company has revealed that either during launch or shortly after, a patch will be issued that will enable all 39 characters in offline mode.  However, online functionality will still remain disabled if you are signed out of GFWL.  This might seem like a big deal to some, but nearly every game these days (PC or console) requires the player to be signed in to some sort of service to participate in online matches.  Just look at Blizzard’s implementation of Battle.net for an obvious example.

This whole fiasco has only involved the PC version of the game.  If you were planning on purchasing SSF4A for either the Xbox 360 or PS3, you have nothing to worry about.  The game will be released on June 24 in Europe and June 28 in North America.


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