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access_time June 1, 2011 at 12:34 PM in Features by Vicky

Duke Nukem Forever: Controversial? Not really.

While most people are gearing up for the long, long, lo–ng anticipated release of Duke Nukem: Forever, there are some who are up in arms about the message this game sends to impressionable young gamers about the treatment of women. Oh wait, that’s right, Duke Nukem: Forever has  a Mature rating which means only adults should be playing this game.  My mistake.

So who is taking exception to the newest installment of Duke Nukem?  Some very angry women, who seem to miss the point of this game entirely.  One woman, who decried the “Capture the Babe” mulitplayer mode in her blog, claims that Gearbox is not just negatively influencing gamers but society as a whole.  Not to be outdone, Ms. Jessica Wakeman states in her blog that Duke Nukem “is where enlightened gender relations go to die”.  Quite the claim.

What these women, and other similarly minded people, fail to understand is that Duke Nukem is supposed to be over the top because over the top is funny and many gamers enjoy humorous content in their games.  So yes, Duke slaps women, is a sex god, and does not allow himself to be tied down to one lady.  Duke is also a fictional character and the game is rated Mature, recommended for ages 17+, which means that the audience is old enough to understand the tongue-in-cheek humor (hopefully).

While I could argue the point further, expressing my own eagerness to play Gearbox’s newest game, or complain about the women who are complaining about content, I would rather leave you with this Penny-Arcade comic, which is a fairly humorous, though no less true, rebuttal.

Now if you will excuse me, I am about to use up my time outside of the kitchen for today.  Those pies will not make themselves.


  • oceanskate June 1, 2011 at 2:47 PM

    That’s true, it’s not really so controversial. I also figure the tiny mention of that woman’s pointless, point and obviously, misinformed, misplaced anger, died weeks ago. Their web traffic is probably near zero at this point, and there’s been nothing else said about it. So why bring it up again? And I doubt your goal was to stir things as you seem to be trying to do something good here, but notice that blog is dated march 23rd. It’s dead! And who cares if they wrongly think that a game which is basically a satire will have such a major impact. Back when they went to the moon there were also idiots out there who believed that by the men landing on the moon it would upset the force of gravity and we’d all perish.

    The reason it can’t possibly have an effect is that not only is it satire, but Duke is a character that people laugh at when they play the game because he’s ridiculous as you’ve already explained. It’s like Jessica Rabbit with her impossible figure. It’s ridiculous to the point that little girls laughed in the theater when it came out, because they knew she obviously was a joke. Being that it’s M for mature adults, I’m sure they get the jokes. And there will always be idiots in society, but hopefully we can finally see the release of DNF go smoothly. After all, it’s been practically forever! lol. Now you better get in your kitchen to make them pies!! 😉

  • oceanskate June 1, 2011 at 3:01 PM

    On the other hand, it could be good to show that some women can get that the game is satire and even look forward to playing it, which is pretty cool. I also almost missed the comic which was funny, lol. thanks for posting that one.

  • Blake_Morse June 1, 2011 at 6:22 PM

    That was great! Now about those pies…

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