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SSF4 Arcade On PC Employs Some Rather Shady DRM

Are you thinking about purchasing Capcom’s upcoming Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition for your PC? You might want to reconsider now that the company has unveiled their new digital rights management for the PC version of the game.

Last year’s Super Street Fighter IV skipped the PC platform entirely, with Capcom blaming piracy as their main deterrent (despite the original Street Fighter IV doing well on PC.) The developer feels confident releasing their latest update on personal computers with their new DRM checks in place, but Capcom’s anti-piracy measures come at a cost for the consumer.

SSF4A will require a Games For Windows account and an always-on Internet connection while playing the game. If there is a break in the connection, the game will wait until the end of your current fight and ask you to log back in to GFW. If the player is unable to sign back in, the game will essentially resort to a “demo mode” of sorts. All online functionality will be disabled and gamers will only be able to select from 15 of the included 39 characters in the game.

According to Capcom, Steam and Impulse will also use their own variation of the DRM system, though it is unclear what this means exactly. Steam users may not require a Games For Windows account to play online, but this is pure speculation at this point. In any case, these new anti-piracy measures are yet another attempt to punish honest PC gamers.

What do you think about this decision? Will you still buy SSF4A on the PC? The game will be released on June 24 in Europe and June 28 in North America.


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