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access_time May 28, 2011 at 3:35 PM in GotGame Radio by Steve Masters

GotGame Episode 417

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It’s the video game radio show, GotGame powered by Glyde dot com.. I’m Steve Masters playing Red Faction Armageden, Lego Pirates of the Caribean, and Brink! keep it here!
(story stuff) There’s a fun demo up at Xbox Live for Red Faction Armageddon (what is that smell) you start off in the sewer..gross…then all these creatures try to kill you (creature stuff) there’s fun gadgets, and the charge launcher is a great weapon! Red Faction Armageddon…the full game hits in June..
(lego voice stuff) Captian Jack as a Lego character! Nice. Lego Pirates of the Carabean is another great colorful puzzle adventure. (sfx) lots of sword fighting (sfx) and there are animals you can control that help you get places the main characters can’t reach. (sfx) Lego Pirates of the Caribean..it’s another great Lego game!
Now it’s time for the Glyde dot com Game of the week..Brink (theme music) are you sick of getting ripped off for your used games? Sell them now at GLYDE dot com, that’s Glyde dot com (story stuff) Brink is a cool future shooter game in a brutal place known as The Ark. (ark stuff).one of the tips they tell you is “move more than you shoot” (Shooting stuff) and that a good tip! Brink is great, and is recommended for advanced gamers.. there’s tons of stuff to learn. (instruction stuff) Brink..my top pick! Im Steve Masters for GotGame powered by glyde dot com.


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