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access_time May 23, 2011 at 10:25 AM in Press Releases by unlimitedlives

PSP Titles To Be Re-Mastered in HD for PS3.

Sony Announced today that they’re going to be re-releasing some of their PSP titles, remastered in HD for the PS3. You might be thinking that the games will ONLY be for the PS3 but they aren’t…You can actually play the games on both the PSP and PS3. And if you have already bought the title and want the purchase the HD version, the games will support the original save file. The Remastered titles will also come with many new features like PS3 SIXAXIS functionality, New Add-on content, and/or Stereoscopic 3D Support. Multiplayer will be supported through an Ad-hoc party application on the PS3.

The first remastered titled announced is Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD from Capcom which the original has already shipped 4.5 million units in japan since its release back in December 2010. The release of these HD games will start in Japan and on a blu-ray disc rather than a downloadable option for the playstation store. No date has been said about when the US or Europe will be getting these re-releases.


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