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Resistance 3 Campaign And Multiplayer Details

by on May 19, 2011

Joseph Capelli just wants to survive with his family and hope for a better day while the Chimera continue to destroy the world and that’s exactly how the story of Resistance 3 starts. Taking place right after the second game, Joseph finds himself taking shelter in a messed up section in Oklahoma, trying to survive and avoid the chimera with his family. A visit from Dr.Fyodor Malikov with a plan to destroy the chimera gets the ball rolling on the events you’ll play through in the campaign.

The combat is going to be different every time you change up your tactics, which is where the improvement of the Artificial Intelligence starts to shine. What’s different this time around is that the enemy can now take on different roles depending on how you proceed to attack them, like for instance the chimera will switch from taking the offensive to defensive or scout the area to flank you.

Aside from the upgraded AI, the weapons in Resistance 3 have gotten a makeover. “We rebuilt all of the guns, everything from the audio effects to the feel of the iron sights,” says lead designer Drew Murray. Throughout the game you’ll be able to progress toward an upgrade for your weapon, the more you use it.

Resistance 3’s multiplayer will have an 8 vs 8 with character progression that will reward players with customization options to add different abilities you can use during a match.  There’s killstreaks that give you bonuses like giving you optical camouflage if you’re a chimera or a high powered grenade launcher if you’re human.

No word on a date for the Resistance 3 Beta but it will come out later this year. You can get access by purchasing Socom 4 or by pre-ordering the game.
Source: Playstation Blog

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