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Hitman:Absolution Getting Hollywood Talent.

IO Interactive game director Tore Blystad spoke with Hollywood Reporter about Hitman: Absolution and gave some impressive details about the development process that they’re going through. With the game being a bit more darker this time around with both story and visuals, Blystad told HR that they’re working with Giant Studios, the studio responsible for the motion capture for James Cameron’s Avatar, to capture some of the drama and emotions that develop the game’s story. That is why they have hired some Hollywood talent to bring these characters to life.

Joining Io Interactive’s team of voice actors are Kieth Carradine (Cowboys & Aliens and Dexter) and Marsha Thomason (White Collar and Lost) who will be voicing two main roles. Kieth will be the new main villain, Blake Dexter while Marsha voices Agent 47’s best friend and only human contact, Diana Burnwood.

No talks of gamplay was mentioned during the interview but it was said that Agent 47 will be taking on missions throughout the U.S and a portion of the game is set in Chicago. The game’s release is also to coincide with a new Hitman movie in 2012 which is being produced by Adrian Askarieh and Chuck Gordon while the latest draft was written by Daniel Casey. Another Movie? I hope it isn’t Timothy Olyphant who’s playing agent 47 again. I’ve always wanted jason statham to play hitman 47…he’s got the look and the voice.


Or as a last resort we’ve can always get this…..

Who do you guys think should play Agent 47?



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