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Gears Of War 3 Beta Impressions

When it comes to Gears of War multiplayer, I wasn’t much of a fan of the second game’s multiplayer mainly because it just felt so different from the first one which I had a lot of fun with.  I used to spend nights and weekends just playing the first one but when the second one came out….I wasn’t too happy.

Now that the beta for the third gears of war is out (for those who have Bulletstorm: Epic Edition,) I can happily say that I’m really confident that this multiplayer does not suck. YES INDEED!

In the beta, there is a couple of modes you can choose from: Team Deathmatch (Where I spent most of my time on,) King of the Hill, and Capture the Leader.

  • Team Deathmatch plays like warzone with the exception that you now have a limited amount of respawns within the round making it a bit more interesting to play and the wait to get back into the game doesn’t take that long either.


  • King of the Hill plays like Gears of War 2’s Annex mode where you have to control a certain area for a period of time to earn more points and you have to prevent the other team from capturing that area.


  • Capture the Leader is a mode where each team needs to capture the opposite team’s leader…kinda like capture the flag, except the flag is a moving target protected by its teammates.


You have 4 maps to choose from while playing in these modes. There’s Checkout, which takes place in a department store, Old Town, the largest map of the bunch, Trenches, a small map that has you mostly diving for cover, and Trashball which is cole train’s home turf.

Out of the four, I think Trashball would have to be my favorite.  It’s definitely  a refreshing and brighter map than the other more grittier and dirtier maps we’re used to seeing. There’s also a jumbotron in the middle of the map that can fall on unsuspecting players.

Epic has updated the gears arsenal that includes all the familiar weapons like the Lancer, Boomshot and Gnasher with the addition of the new Digger Launcher, a weapon that sends a mine that tunnels underneath the earth to latch onto victims feet, exploding them into pieces while they hide behind cover. A Sawed-off shotgun, that has an extremely slow reload but can take care of two people at once at a very close range.

The Retro Lancer is another great addition to the weapon list. Instead of having a chainsaw, it uses an old school bayonet (used before emergence day) that you can charge with by holding the B button.

Getting enough kills with any of these weapons will unlock a number of things, like special execution moves that differ from weapon to weapon. As you rank up, you’ll able to unlock characters, skins, and different looks to your weapons like the flaming guns that look pretty sweet.

One of the major things I’ve noticed with the matchmaking is that it’s a bit more stable than when I last played Gears 2, which isn’t saying much cause I haven’t played it in a year. The dedicated servers help with host issues that most gamers were complaining about like how sometimes the host would sometimes have an advantage. Overall I got a good feeling about the game and I really can’t wait for it come out later this year.

Supposedly the beta is going to be releasing a new map each week so make sure you look out for that and for those who don’t have the epic edition of Bulletstorm, you can pre-order gears of war 3 at gamestop to get yourself a pre-order code which you can redeem on April 25th.

Here’s a bit of gameplay footage:






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