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Imports of PS3 blocked by LG

For  the next 10 days, the importation of PS3 to the Neatherlands have been confiscated. The civil court allowed this and LG won. In the Dutch ports there has also been many confiscations which hurts Sony’s production by great ammounts. This started because of LG accusing Sony of using comyright infringements on their Blue-Ray player on the PS3. LG is trying to do this procedure in the US, and Sony is trying to block the shippment of LG products as well that are infringing Sony products.

I think they should just work out a deal or something I know that Sony is the type of company who wants to get the most money out of things, but LG is a big company also that they both need to work out a deal so for the US we dont end up losing out on the production of PS3 and LG products.


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