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New Super Mario Bros. Game for Nintendo 3DS

            Shigeru Miyamoto has confirmed in the latest update during the Iwata Asks series, which is focusing on the 25th Anniversary of Super Mario Bros., that there will be a new game coming out for the newest handheld gaming device the Nintendo 3DS.

            Miyamoto states that he wants to carry on the tradition of Super Mario Bros. by creating this version for the 3DS. While hinted on in late 2010 about this game, today we finally confirm that this game will be an actual Super Mario Bros. relating to many of the original versions of the game that have evolved since the NES.

            The games recent success for the different platforms which were in 2D proves that in 3D we will see many improvements to the game. No gameplay information has been given yet, however there is a hint of a side scrolling platform, alloying the 3D effects to take place and play with that third dimensional depth perception.

            This game will not come out with the launch of the 3DS. This is following a trend which no Mario games have come out with the launch of new devices since the release of the Gameboy Advance. The latest Nintendo devices don’t come out with Mario games until a little after the release of the console.

            The information about gameplay will be released as soon as possible. But as of right now there is no hint to when it will release. They are trying to create the best Mario experience possible for all ages in the family. But I can guarantee that this game will be one for all you Mario fans to pick up along with your Nintendo 3DS to carry on the tradition.


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