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Ninja Gaiden III: differences for the better?

The first Ninja Gaiden and Ninja Gaiden II were somewhat old fashioned, these games showed many conventional Japanese fighting and gameplay from the past ninja warriors and how they were in history. However, Ninja Gaiden III is going to break these old traditions and take Ninja’s to a whole other level.

The three major changes are the personal journey of Ryu Hayabusa, Team Ninja rebuilding the gameplay, and also not featuring the scream-inducing difficulty. The story mode takes place after events of Ninja Gaiden II, and then also tells the story of Ryu and his past. The past of Ryu is going to show how he got where he is today and gained all his skills, a day where winning wasn’t so easy to him. This type of story is a different one in the world of Ninja Gaiden. Will this make the experience of gameplay better or worse? It’s only a matter of time to see what gamer’s opinions will be.

 It’s going to be a risk changing this gameplay style. The first two games were known for their kills and their chopping off limbs. But since it will be early days, he will be learning how to complete these kills, this will be a completely different game. You will definitely learn to feel like every kill is earned and not just an assumption that you’re going to kill the enemy every time efficiently.

Ninja Gaiden is a tough game to beat. There is almost nobody who completes this game. Many gamers give up a third of the way through. But this aspect to games is what makes people keep at them. If you are a true video game fan, story modes shouldn’t be beaten in a quick time frame, they need to take time and a lot of effort to beat and this is one quality I personally love in a game. Ninja Gaiden is going through many tough changes and it won’t for sure be announced until June, however these expectations are great and we will all look forward to seeing how well this game can take off.


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