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Problems with Call of Duty: Black Ops online play

There are persistent problems online with the PlayStation and PC versions of Call of Duty: Black Ops. These problems have promoted the UK consumers Gamer’s Voice, which will report Activision to the Office of Fair trading. These network issues have been constant since the release where Activision made over $1 billion just in the first week of sales. The Gamers’ Voice which is an independent pressure group has been planning to do this for a while.

On the official Gamers’ Voice site, they say about Call of Duty: Black Ops, “It shouldn’t matter how big a game is, it should not be released unfinished or with bugs that make it unplayable.” Also from the site “entire sections of the PS3 and PC gaming community are apparently being used as game testers for an extended period after a game’s release, yet being asked to pay for the privilege.” This is an unfair way to treat the buyers of these video games.

Our future in gaming is the online play, and these glitches and mistakes are currently frustrating gamers. This is a horrible way for our gaming to evolve and they need to fix these problems before more arise.


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